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Hot on the heels of their first collaborative 12″ for Vibrant Music – the fine Accumulate Parts I & II – dub techno stalwarts DeepChord (Aka Rod Modell) and Fluxion (Konstantinos Soublis) join forces for a second salvo. The two-part “Bona Fide” is a typically evocative and hazy affair, offering an attractive balance between Modell’s audio soup style sound design and the gently unfurling rhythms that have always been a hallmark of Soublis’s productions. Both interpretations utilize a range of melodic elements – think twinkling, mixed-down pianos, fuzzy electric piano bass, dreamy chords, and so on – with the slightly livelier “Part 2” also making use of some exotic percussive flourishes. Naturally, both passes are warm, undulating and immaculately produced.

Label: Vibrant

Format: 12″
Cat: VMR 002

March 2018

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