Ed HERBST – Interplay [RBSC004]


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Celebrating a year of remarkable releases, Nick Beringer’s Rubisco invite Berlin kindred spirit Ed Herbst over for a little “Interplay”. Three tracks ranging from mischievous to lean, as always with the Beste Modus co-founder, the focus is always fixed firmly on the groove. “Press On” is a sticky, finger-clicky hip-shifter with layers of sprightly synths lapping over the top, “Eighty Two” strides a little deeper into the vibe ocean by way of rippling chords, an infectious percussive arrangement and cute sci-fi bubbles while “Drum Suite” closes the show with an all-out jazzy splash via some fantastic Theo Parish style chord work over a precision swung rhythm. Let’s play.


Label: Rubisco

Cat.No: RBSC004

Format: 12″


February 2018




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